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The Bridge 3 - Bron l
Record 3.3 Million Scandinavians Watch The Bridge Season 3

EXCLUSIVE: Launched simultaneously this week across Scandinavia, the opening episode of the third season of The Bridge (Bron/Broen) had a stronger opening than the previous season with viewers across Denmark, Sweden, Norway Finland totalling 3.330.000 against 3.032.000 for Season 2. more…

Erik Skjoldbjærg
Erik Skjoldbjærg: “Occupied questions how people would react to radical change”

Occupied, one of the most anticipated Norwegian TV dramas of 2015 is premiering on Sunday on TV2 Norway and in November on ARTE. Sales agent Zodiak Rights just announced ahead of MIPCOM, that Sky Arts has secured UK rights and a DVD deal with Dazzler Media. We spoke to the show’s co-creator and director of the two first episodes. more…

Anders Kjærsgaard
Exclusive: DR And YLE Join Forces To Sell Nordic Formats

DR Sales and Yle Sales have just signed a deal enabling the commercial sales arm of the Danish pubcaster DR to promote and sell Finnish formats worldwide. The deal was announced yesterday. DR Sales will introduce the new Finnish formats at MIPCOM in Cannes (October 05-08). more…

Klovn Forever
Nordic Admissions: Klown 2 –Knutsen & Ludvigsen Make A Rocket Start

Last weekend two new mainstream titles based on well-known characters Klown Forever in Denmark and Knutsen & Ludvigsen and the Horrible Rasputin in Norway opened straight at number 1 at home. Iceland’s own star Baltasar Kormákur climbed to the top of his home chart and stayed in the top 5 elsewhere in the region with his UK/US epic Everest. more…

Alice Bah Kuhnke
Swedish Film Associations Condemn Film Budget

The Swedish government’s new tax-based Film policy announced last week as part of its Autumn Budget has been severely criticised by local film organisations that are unanimously asking for more support. more…


Helsinki Affair Crowns Dragonfly
Sparrows Flies Off With Golden Shell
1989, Heavy Water Awarded At Prix Italia
Cecilia Lidin Joins The DFI

Trailer of the week

The Finnish gaming company Rovio has just released the trailer for its €100 million 3D feature project Angry Birds set to open via Sony Pictures on May 20, 2016. The audience will finally get to know why the cult birds are so angry.